1970709996499970 Online CPXP Exam Prep Course


How did you prepare for the CPXP Exam?

When I took the exam, I was working FT as an AVP Patient Experience.  I really thought I had a solid experiential and educational foundation to successfully pass the course.  Once I saw all the content that the PX Institute recommended as study resources, I was very overwhelmed.  I downloaded and read through the recommended articles and information.  I took a lot of time in synthesizing and annotating the articles and resources.  I even developed power points on each topic so that I completely understood the information.   

What resources did you find most helpful? 

Although the PX workbook I purchased from the Beryl Institute helped to provide a study framework, I didn't feel it provided me a solid knowledge base. So, I basically focused on reading the articles in the PX Journal.  I also memorized all the vocabulary terms and tried to apply their definitions to a real-time patient and family scenario.

Why did you create an online CPXP exam prep course?

After I passed the exam, I started to conduct 1:1 CPXP exam course reviews through word of mouth.  This grew into group sessions but since it was very hard to coordinate times when everyone could meet, I had to find an alternative. I decided an online, asynchronous course would be the best method to meet everyone's busy schedules.

Are the online courses complete? 

I am continuing to develop and embellish course content.  I highly recommend to clients to continue to check back for additional / updated information. 

Why did you launch the online course if you are still working on it?

First, it is critically important for me to ensure the content is updated and accurate (especially with the nuances of the technical aspect of LMS).  As evidenced-based practices and research are published, I will continually add and update information.  I also make updates and edits based on participant feedback.  Secondly, participants in my live lectures encouraged me to publish online courses as an additional resource for them. I originally launched the online courses for them since the CPXP test session was a month away for them (April, 2018).  Participants shared with me that some online content was better than nothing.  I also started to have interest from new participants because there is such a lack of organized study material available (and that is affordable). 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the online course?

Participants can send me an email directly at cheri@chericlancy.com or click the SUPPORT button in the footer section (bottom of the web page).   

What browser should I use to take the online CPXP Exam Prep course? 

We have found that Chrome works best. 

Do you still conduct 1:1 exam prep sessions and teach live CPXP Exam Prep courses? 

Yes.  Please email me at cheri@chericlancy.com or visit my website at chericlancy.com for more information.  

*This course is not affiliated or endorsed by any company or organization other than Cheri Clancy & Associates, LLC.   I am a member of the Beryl Institute; however, I do not receive any financial or other incentives to promote or market their organization, references or materials.